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Tierra Noble - Jalisco


Tierra Noble Blanco is bright & crystal clear, with silvery sparkles. On the nose, strong presence of cooked agave, herbal notes to mint and citrus, with just a dash of anise. On the palate, soft and fresh with an increasing intensity. 

Aman - Nayarit


Bright and crystal color, on the nose its floral and citrusy, Taste is smooth  with caramel and cooked agave notes reflects its artesian process. 

Santanera - Jalisco


Batch Piedra, In the mouth a floral and botanical impact predominates with notorious astringency on the sides

Casa Dragones - Jalisco


Casa Dragones Joven is a small batch, master blend of 100% Blue Agave silver and extra aged tequila, rested in new American oak barrels for five years.

Clase Azul - Jalisco


Tequila Clase Azul Plata. Bright, crisp, and always refreshing. Its artisanal elaboration results in irresistible notes that combine softness with a touch of sweetness.


Aman - Jalisco


Aged in American and French oak barrels. Notes of butter scotch and vanilla with an abundant agave note.

Clase Azul - Jalisco


Clase Azul Reposado is a symbol of the tradition and culture of Mexico. Made with slow-cooked Blue Agave, our ultra-premium reposado tequila is a unique and incomparable piece. The decanter’s traditional feathered paint design, its distinctive cobalt blue color, and the tequila’s original flavor make it an icon of the Clase Azul family.


Casa Dragones - Jalisco


Casa Dragones Barrel Blend, 100% Blue Agave Añejo sipping tequila, achieves its distinctive character from being matured in two different wood barrels, new French Oak and new American Oak, each selected for their individual flavor and characteristics.

Clase Azul - Jalisco


Clase Azul Añejo, also known as “Edición Indígena-Mazahua” (Mazahua Edition) due to the bottle design’s tribute to the culture, is an ultra- premium añejo tequila made from Tequilana Weber Blue Agave. Its intense amber color and layered aromas are a result of an extended period of aging

Casa Noble - Jalisco


De notable complejidad, nuestro tequila Añejo es una expresión elegante y aromática, creada con paciencia y extrema atención al detalle.

Santanera - Jalisco


Extraordinary Blend Añejo + 33% Ex-tra Añejo, thanks to this upbringing it achieves in a mouth a semi-dry profile with notorious astringency on the sides and end of the tongue; of sweet / bit-ter attack with chocolate shades, spicy and botanical evolution to cinnamon, nutmeg, menthol, clove and star anise, light resinous note is accompanied by whipped cream, pears in syrup, vanilla pods and butter butter, the end refers to cooked agave molasses and caramel syr-up. Its unctuous and resinous character is prolonged

Don Julio 70 - Jalisco


Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro Tequila is the culmination of 70 years of knowledge, expertise and innovation that brings the smoothness of a Blanco tequila and the complexity of an Añejo tequila together for a totally unique tequila experience.

Casa Dragones Edición Epicuro


Los decantadores de cristal de Casa Dragones, los típicos y delicados grabados que rodean su cuello y su base, se han cambiado por un diseño único y elegante grabado a mano. Cada una de las 400 botellas fabricadas en esta colección ha sido elaborada con una meticulosa atención a los detalles y Pedro Reyes Epicuro Edición Especial de Arte Tequila Joven


Limited Edition Patrón en Lalique Serie 1 - Jalisco


Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1 is an exclusive collaboration between Patrón and the Lalique, the Masters of French crystal. The handcrafted crystal decanter features an exceptional blend of the oldest and rarest Patrón tequilas

Patron Gran Smoky - Jalisco


Mexico- Gran Patron Smoky is crafted by roasting agave with mesquite for about 7 days in small underground pits at the Patron Hacienda. The result of this ancient, labor intensive method is an artisanal ultra-premium tequila with a perfectly balanced, very complex smoky flavor.

Corralejo 99000 horas - Guanajuato


Its name, 99,000 Horas, which means 99,000 hours, is the time required to produce it. The production process includes agave cultivation, harvest, distillation, aging, and bottling, The name commemorates the dedication and patience required to produce a premium tequila.

Torai - Jalisco


Aged tequila for more than 4 years in bourbon casks in oak. Amazingly smooth flavor of pure agave and agave cooked with citrus notes and floral berries, delicate aroma of vanilla.

Grand Orendain 7 años - Jalisco


Sitting at the top of the Gran Orendain range is the Extra Añejo 7 Year Old tequila. Made with the same agave sourced from the hill of Tepecoste as the rest of the series, this expression spends seven long years maturing in French oak before being handsomly bottled

Sauza XA - Jalisco


Casa Sauza XA is aged for more than three years in small American oak barrels. Only 12,000 750-mililiter bottles have been produced

Esperanto Supremo - Jalisco


Esperanto Supremo Extra Añejo is aged 5 years in limousin french oak and extremely limited

Esperanto - Jalisco


Esperanto Seleccion Extra Añejo is distilled at El Llano, one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico. Made from 100% blue weber agave, this tequila is aged 3 years in white oak barrels and triple-distilled

Chinaco Negro - Tamaulipas


"Chinaco Negro" Extra Anejo Tequila is a product that comes from a five year aging process, a single batch, and is a Limited Edition product.

Arette - Unique - Jalisco


Extra Añejo Tequila, aged for at least six years in oak and produced from the cream of the agave crop.

Ley, 925 - Jalisco


Ley .925 Ultra Premium Anejo Tequila - "Pasión Azteca" - Unique 6 year aged, 100% Blue Agave Tequila in one liter custom designed bottles.

Tierra Noble - Jalisco


Tastes of the careful assembly of American and French white oak woods. Intense amber color with shades of old gold.

Cava de Oro Wicho l- Jalisco


 Bright reddish hues and dark, amberMultitude of fruity aromas and toasted oak.

Corralejo 1821 - Guanajuato


Smoke & oak flavors feature walnut, almond, vanilla, cooked agave, chocolate, cinnamon, & pepper.

Chaquira Jaguar - Jalisco


This beautiful bottle of tequila in the shape of a jaguar head is decorated with chaquira beads and is a fantastic collectible item.

Clase Azul Ultra - Jalisco


This exquisite, deep amber tequila is a world-class spirit and its decanter is adorned with 3 precious metals: pure platinum decoration, a .925 sterling silver agave medallion and a 24 carat gold label. Each bottle is truly one of a kind

José Cuervo 250 años - Jalisco


Celebrating 250 Years Aniversario. An ultra-aged tequila, 100% from blue agave, created from a perfect selection of raw material to commemorate the tradition and history of Jose Cuervo. The agaves used to produce it are harvested in full maturity and come from a single crop field. The tequila is first aged in French and American oak barrels

Rey Sol - Jalisco


Rey sol spens 6 years on french oak barrels that have been  seared on the side a midium toast, Hi lands ltos de Jalisco

Patrón Piedra - Jalisco


Gran Patrón Piedra is made from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is crafted using the centuries-old tahona process at Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s aged in a combination of French Limousin and new American oak barrels for four years and is presented in a distinctive crystal bottle.

Maestro Atelier - Jalisco


Maestro Dobel Atelier Extra Anejo Tequila Maestro Dobel Extra Añejo Tequila special designed bottle is the result of the combination of Vintages from the different phases of the aging process.

1800 Milenio - Jalisco


After a long and delicate aging process in new American oak barrels, the very best tequila of the batch is separated by our expert tequileros and further matured in French Oak ex-cognac barrels creating a balanced, soft, and unique flavor with notes of vanilla, red fruit and cinnamon.

3,4,5 - Jalisco


This Extra Añejo is made from a special family blend of 30% three year, 40% four year and 30% five year aged tequila (hence the name 3-4-5)...  this is a collector's tequila. 

Código 1530 - Jalisco


As the brand’s first-ever barrel select Origen, this special offering is bottled from six unique barrels aged for over six years, hand-selected by brand co-founder and “King of Country” George Strait while on location filming the music video for his hit song “Código” at their distillery in Amatitán, Mexico.

José Cuervo Reserva de la Familia - Jalisco


Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo is the award-winning pinnacle of the Jose Cuervo family of tequilas. The finest 10-12 year-old agaves are hand-selected, and only the most flavorful inner portion of the agave’s heart is used to make this 100% Blue Agave Extra Añejo Tequila.

7 Leguas de Antaño - Jalisco


D'Antano means 'old-fashioned' or 'old style' and this fabulous tequila is still made using very traditional techniques

Don Julio Real - Jalisco


 As one of the first of the few Extra Añejo tequilas on the market today, Don Julio REAL Tequila is a testament to the craft of making a superior tasting, aged tequila. Artfully aged for at least three to five years in American white oak barrels

Casa Dragones Joven - Jalisco


Casa Dragones Joven is a small batch, master blend of 100% Blue Agave silver and extra aged tequila, rested in new American oak barrels for five years.

Herradura Selección Suprema - Jalisco


Aged for an incredible 49 months in American White Oak barrels, Herradura Selección Suprema is our most premium ultra-rested tequila. Extra aging creates a tequila of an extremely rich, dark amber color with cooked agave, spice and floral notes.

Patrón Burdeos - Jalisco


Gran Patrón Burdeos is a luxury añejo tequila crafted in very limited quantities from only the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave. It’s twice distilled and aged in used American and New French oak barrels, before it is finished in vintage Bordeaux wine barrels (“Burdeos” is Spanish for “Bordeaux”). This unique aging process imparts an elegant dark amber color and a taste that’s velvety smooth with hints of vanilla and raisins.


Clase Azul Joven - Durango


Mezcal Clase Azul Durango Edition is made from Cenizo Agave, a variety of plant that grows wildly in the state of Durango, a region of northern Mexico. The mineral richness of its soil and natural springs sources bestow distinctive strength and complexity to its notes.

Beneva Tio Pablo Extra Añejo - Oaxaca


Mezcal 100% Agave aged 5 year in oak barrels. Smoke wood flavor, bold body exquisite taste. Presented in limited edition glass blown bottle.

Beneva Reserva - Oaxaca


Intense amber color, full-bodied, smoky aroma and sweet smell of fine wood. Aged in white oak barrels and packaged in a collection bottle in the shape of a pumpkin, handcrafted by Mexican artisans.

Pierde Almas Tobaciche Joven - Oaxaca


Sweet on the palate, with notes of sweet agave and light hints of quinceIt is a clean drink, very bright, with a crystalline hue, a delicate  floral notes.

Pierde Almas Gin Joven - Oaxaca


With a crystalline hue and a fantastic Juniper and gin aroma, it leaves with a good feeling.

Pierde Almas Pechuga Joven - Oaxaca


Crystalline,  shades of almonds and citrus perfume. On the palat essences of apples, pineapple and tecojote

Pierde Almas Conejos Joven - Oaxaca


Rabbit still offers the strong and layered flavors of agave, fruits and herbs, but a subtle and wild note is present in the background adding even more complexity to this rare spirit.

Del Maguey Joven - Oaxaca


Twice distilled in wood-fed copper pot stills. Nose of toasted sweet agave and toasted corn, palate of nuts and sweet almond, chocolate and mint finish.

Clase Azul Papalote - Guerrero


Crystal clear with light straw-colored,  Full bodied Aroma: Grapefruit skin, fresh wood, rosemary, peanut oil, hints of butter and daisy flowers. On the palat Fresh wood, seaweed, lemon juice, pepper and light notes of tobacco.


Kilinga Joven - Sonora


Bacanora Kilinga is a distillate originating in Alamos, Sonora. A producer that has two types of bacanora for the public, made with a traditional process of double distillate, in young bacanora is a crystalline bacanora in sight and without residues with aromas of green agave, moist earth and flowers, at the end you can see caramelized notes.

Kilinga Reposado - Sonora


The Bacanora reposado, is a distillate with notes of tobacco, roasted coffee, wildflowers and wood, made with agaves of six years of maturation and married in American oak barrels for six months

100 Pueblos Blanco - Sonora


"We set out to make known to Mexico and the world the best Bacanora. To do this, we would need to visit the towns of Sonora where this desert elixir occurs.100 villages is the product of all those visits; visits that resulted in the maximum expression of Bacanora"

Mujer de Piedra Blanco - Sonora


Bacanora Mujer de Piedra is from a producer originally from Alamos, Sonora. A Bacanora liqueur that highlights a slow distillation process with vibrant aromas of wildflowers and marked notes of green agave and wildflowers, a bacanora of 38 ° alcohol with crystalline tones and a vibrant sensation to the palate.

42° Joven - Sonora


It all starts in the municipality of Alamos, Sonora, Mexico. Our agaves "Angustifolia Haw" are selected and cultivated with love for ourselves. These are slowly cooked in clay and volcanic stone ovens.

Agua Miel Sonora - Sonora


Bacanora Aguamiel was born to give prestige to such an important tradition in Sonora. We are proud to say that the care in our processes makes our beverage one of the most finest and purest among the few registered brands.


Hacienda de Chihuhua Gold Añejo - Chihuahua


Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Oro Puro is made from 100% wild-harvested Dasylirion plants in the Chihuahuan Desert of Northern Mexico. Master distiller José Daumas Gil de Partearroyo oversees the state of the art production process which starts by slowly cooking the plants in steam-heated ovens, natural fermentation with champagne yeast. After being distilled, this sotol is aged in a new French white oak barrel for 2 years. Each bottle is unique because its taste comes from a single numbered barrel. Each bottle also contains 24 karat gold flakes.

H5 Añejo - Chihuahua


Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Extra Añejo H5 is made from Master distiller José Daumas Gil de Partearroyo oversees the state of the art production process which starts by slowly cooking the plants in steam-heated ovens, natural fermentation with champagne yeast, and then distilling twice in a double-column copper still. After being distilled, this sotol is aged in a new French white oak barrel for 5 years.

Flor de Desierto Veneno - Chihuahua


Flor del Desierto Veneno is cured with rattlesnake venom and aged for 3 months in bourbon barrels. Unfortunately, this unique release won’t be available in the United States due to the government agency Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau which won’t approve a spirit cured with venom. However, a pechuga-style sotol distilled with rattlesnake meat will be released internationally.

Flor de Desierto Sierra - Chihuahua


Flor Del Desierto embrace 100% artisanal and organic practices to create these small batches of extraordinary sotol. The 100% Wild Harvested Dasylirion Leiophyllum (Sereque) is harvested at an altitude of 6890 Ft.

Coyote Dasylirion - Chihuahua


Sotol Coyote Chihuahua is produced by Maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas in Aldama, Chihuahua. It is produced from 12-15 year old Dasylirion Leiophyllum and cooked in a conical stone oven using mesquite wood. It is then crushed by stone and fermented in oak vats using well water before being double-distilled in copper pots.

Coyote Dasylirion - Durango


Sotol Coyote Chihuahua is produced by Maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas in Aldama, Chihuahua. It is produced from 12-15 year old Dasylirion Leiophyllum and cooked in a conical stone oven using mesquite wood. It is then crushed by stone and fermented in oak vats using well water before being double-distilled in copper pots.


Balam Costa - Jalisco


This raicilla has aromas of wood and wildflowers with a hint of citrus. On the palate there are notes of cooked green agave, roasted fruits, and cold ash.

La Venosa Sierra del Tigre - Jalisco


This is a very special production, limited to 700 liters per year. On the nose, exquisite notes of fine cheeses stand out, and on the palate notes of chocolate and cherries stand out.

La Venosa Sierra Occidental - Jalisco


The Poisonous Western Sierra of Jalisco has rich fruity notes such as papaya and avocado. With a vibrant hint of acidity

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